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Here are some feedback provided to us by our valued customers who have travelled with us. Just have a look at them to see that what do they feel about Air Tours, it's tour planning and services before and after tours.

Overall, the tour was very good. This was our 6th international tour with your company. Mr. Vinay Vinekar is a very good guide. Thanks.

Mukund Mehta

We had wonderful time on our entire 2 weeks' vacation .Few concern,Journey coming back is too long&tiring.44 hours from MasaiMara to Houston. No lunch after leaving MasaiMara at 7am till flight from Nairobi at 4 PM. Hope this tip helps in future planning.

Thanks Rashmi

We had very enjoyable trip. Thanks to you and your team. You all worked very hard to prepare us for comfortable stay in Africa. Our group was wonderful and was helping each other. Our group leader Mr.Zubinbhai became our friend and even like family member. Thanks to you all. Please let us know about future trip. Regards from Manju.

Manju A. Khatri

Thank you for organizing such a nice trip for us. We had a wonderful time in Mauritius, Cape Town, Zambia, Sun City etc. Hotel's were good, food was good. Overall, the trip was worthwhile


Excellent Tour Manager, Mount Safari club was very good but more time would be great. S. Africa all lodges and tour was very good. Johannesburg hotel was one of the best. Victoria falls Zimbabwe side is very good, Zambian side of the falls was not so good. Tour Manager helped to crossed the border and arrange vehicle for better view.

Dr. Ashok Argekar

Overall Good Experience, Enjoyed more of S. Africa than Kenya, Kenya was rough, lots of runaround, extend tour by a few more days.

Pramod Soni & Shakuntala Patel

Excellent Tour, Tour Managers Nariman & Vinay were pretty Good !

Kanti Patel

All over tour is very satisfactory.

Chandrakant Patel

It was wonderful. Lake Navisha country club was ok.

Ulkesh Desai

We had fantastic time in S.Africa and in Zambia. I will be sending you some pictures soon as and when I am ready. Thank you so much for taking care of us on our trip. This was a dream trip made possible by you all.


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on this time! Our guide, Mr. Jagadish Bhat was excellent - even in times when he had to deal with "complication", we always felt everything was under full control. We appreciated the flexibility at times when the group wanted to squeeze in more Safari experience. We totally enjoyed the company of everyone else on this trip - what a friendly, welcoming group!

I was impressed with the efforts the various restaurants undertook to need recommendations/suggestions the owner and managers were very, very accommodative. We enjoyed the food throughout the trip and were pleased to discuss sent local cuisine in Cape Town. Our favorite Indian restaurant was the one we dined at our first night in We would have more time in Knysa, and could have done without the trip to Durban beautiful city, but the safely factor was limiting.

And we would love to travel with this group again in the future. Thank you so much for this we time experience!

Pieta Jacek, Erin, Sophi, Eva

It was a very well arranged tour, everything went very well. South Africa is amazingly beautiful & we had wonderful vacation. This was my Third Tour with you people & I am satisfied.

Asha Lata Marwaha

Tour guide was Great & She done a very good Job with us. Her Name is Mayuri Prajapati. Price is little over so try to cut down drive. Over all good Tour. (Price is high for this Tour.)

Yatish - Kirti -Kevin –Hira

The trip is over , and I sincerely am impressed the way entire tour was organized ,I loved those beautiful unique looking lodges we stayed in , all the restaurants we dined and the breathtaking sites we visited , with all these few added comforts , we loved it all. Thanks.

Miss Nancy - the customer for IAMA CME Tour of Africa

Hey, finally I made it. To travel only - tour - no work just relax. This is my 1st trip only pleasure. It's very refreshing with all your hard work in arranging Great Experience. All these lodges & Hotels had a wide selection of INDIAN breakfast - lunch or dinner. Most of them had to prepare masala chai which was good.

1st day reaching Nairobi - flight was little late - but Kadai Restaurant and had co-operate - So everyone had a delicious dinner - after long travelling.

In the morning all the vans ready to go. I gave them names –

  • United
  • Multiplex
  • Ahemdabad (Guju)
  • Mumbai (Guju) our driver name Joseph (mid 50) Smart 1st stop was

All the same drive we had a good look for all Big Five / Small Five. We had changed little to go - Mara River & see Hippo, Crocodile. Next day morning breakfast same drive then my Air trip - Flight to Nairobi - By Safari Link - Connect to Kilimanjaro flight to Tanzania - New visa for & $100 & yellow fever-certificate to give. Out by early afternoon - Box lunch - drive to Conservation area passing. Arusha town (Where all Tanzanite mines located.) also 3000 hindu living there.

Reaching Ngorongoro - high attitude - Excellent location - Sunrise / Sunset. Lots of Green forest - decent Roads wonderful place - cottages are 2 units in 1 huge space- separate balcony. Nice size bed - every lodge bed set up with hot water bag that's cool - now we have leopard tour safari van - driver name is Soloman (young boy) who had lot of knowledge.

Shilling is Tanzania $ 1 = 1300 even employee don't make much chi but they are simple happy - smiling - good food selection I met cook whose name was Pius. Who cooks all Indian food dosa-idli panipuri. But late evening we couldn't plan for next day. Since we were leaving early morning. Cool boat ride- Seeing several hippo family & giraffe.

Reaching Masia Mara on height sopa lodge little smaller room B05 in jungle 2 unit / per builing. Some need to escort in the night . Dinner we has moon & roti and I met cook name Joseph who has made Samosa (spicy) & khichade - kadhi for all of us. At Night masi dance circular set up fire place to relax & enjoy.

Next day –Masai village –Unusual experience – Their small little own world. 1 family – 1 town – Approximate 100 in the family. Good to know that they are learning in school but still have a same family system. Simple – out of the world in their own world they are leaving. Their little circular shop is reasonable to buy souvenir, Bargain is always expected

By Ngorongo - coffee farm is owned by Patel N. D. (for last 3 generation ) you can visit there 1 same drive long is enough if everyone agree save 2nd day from Ngorongoro check out early pick box lunch come back to Arusha in the evening may be cheaper lodge to this town has a 3000 hindus. Laxminarayan temple, Jain Derasar & most important - cheaper shopping for most our desi spices / crockery that can be done in the morning 9 am to 12 pm.

Next day early morning same drive. Almost 6 hrs. on crater- the huge crater we would see all big five very thrilling experience. Previous night I met name an Isareli, he knew Asian cooking he made delicious samosa in lunch & dinner, chapati, moong too masala tea was so good----------best. A little then our group decided to have happy their. So all of us meet closely shared experience group photo taken some jokes, shayari and little dance & antakshri.

Next morning via Arusha shopping at cultural Heritage lunch back to airport thrilled experience in sitting 13 passenger small plane - back to Nairobi city tour & pick up luggage up and go for fancy restaurant for dinner carnivore 9 pm ready for airport - at Nairobi and back to Chicago via London. Good happy all lot's of fun with the group tour guide Jagdish Bhatt is good listener.

Miss Shobhana Kamdar - the customer for IAMA CME Tour of Africa

Dear Friends,

I just got back from Africa. I did not have access to internet or TV. No broadband available in the jungle. Dial up internet can really teach and test your patience especially when it keeps disconnecting.

We all had a blast. It was the most exciting trip I ever had. Actually I always thought India provided my most exciting travel experiences till I went to Africa. Air Tours vendors provided great services and facilities (A+). The most credit still would go to the African people whose hospitality and grace was exceptional. The country is clean and no beggars anywhere in East Africa. Mosquitoes are not a big problem. Indian food is easily available everywhere. Bottled water is not a problem. The CME went well. We had friendly zebras, giraffes, wild buffalos and hippos often roaming outside our huts. The safari game drives were excellent. We saw every possible animal in large numbers including kills. We were lucky to see all the BIG FIVE in action - lions, elephants, wild buffalos, rhino and the leopard. We went to the Masai village and got a first hand glimpse of their very unique lifestyle. I have great pics if anyone is interested.

I would definitely recommend the trip to anyone whose spine is healthy enough to handle the really rough jungle safari ride. The minimum no. is 6 and max. optimal no. for a cme trip is about 50. Beyond that we may have to split the group between 2 facilities which leads to logistical problems.

Well, back to reality and the urban jungle with the metal beasts

Dr Utpal Parekh – the President of IAMA – for IAMA CME Tour of Africa

We are fully satisfied with tour arrangement and all staff including sales personnel's, and tour management guides, food and accommodations during tour. We just missed the tour to Alexandria we believe that & should be included since it us unaffordable for almost everyone to travel again to visits far that one place.

Bharat & Vandana Mehtao

It was a great experience to travel to Egypt & Jordan. Our Tour Manager Mr. Rohit Naidu was excellent. He did a wonderful job of ensuring that our holiday is one of the most memorable experiences of our life time.All the services were excellent and the entire planning and implementation was immaculate. Air Tours Holidays deserve kudos for organizing this trip.

Mr. Biren Patel

We all had a blast on our Africa trip. It was the most exciting trip I ever had. Actually I always thought India provided my most exciting travel experiences till I went to Africa. A lot of credit also has to go to Air Tours and Air Tours Holidays for managing the tour so well. Though we had been on the trip for conference, it was ensured that we don't miss out on anything worth seeing in Kenya and South Africa. The meals, hotels, transportation and the rest of the arrangements were all simply superb. Special thanks to Mr. Jagadish Bhat who was our escort. His attention to detail, knowledge, professionalism and dedication resulted in us having one of the best tours of our life. We look forward to many more Air Tours Holidays.

Dr. Utpal Parekh – the President of IAMA Ms. Surbhi Parekh, Dr. Veena Menda Dr. Vijay Shah & Family,
Drs. Ashwin Damania, Dr. Jacek Pieta & Family

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