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Here are some feedback provided to us by our valued customers who have travelled with us. Just have a look at them to see that what do they feel about Air Tours, it's tour planning and services before and after tours. Manager was kind & helpful, never expected HERE. Overall, tour was very good.

Vasantlal Panchal

Services Provided on the Tour: Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Good
Services provided by our office prior/ after
the tour:
Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Good
Hotels used on the tour: Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Good
Meals provided on the tour: Excellent GoodSatisfactory Not Good
Services of the Tour Escorts on the tour: Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Good
Tour Pace: Good Pace HecticMedium Not Good
Recommend our services to your friends
/ family / relatives:

Devendra and Anjna Majmundar

Services Provided on the Tour: Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Good
Services provided by our office prior/ after
the tour:
Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Good
Hotels used on the tour: Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Good
Meals provided on the tour: Good to ExcellentSatisfactory Not Good
Services of the Tour Escorts on the tour: Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Good
Tour Pace: Good Pace to HecticMedium Not Good
Recommend our services to your friends
/ family / relatives:

Jayendra and Saroj Shah

Services provide on the tour was excellent. Services provided by our office prior /after the tour was excellent. Hotels are excellent. Meals provided during tour was excellent. Tour manager was excellent. Tour was well organized and tour manager AMAN was excellent. Aman was very helpful and considerate. We made couple of good friends also.

Pankaj and Lata Choksey

Jay Swaminyran.
We back from our tour we have a great time. And all we done Guide from India Mr. Sin is very helpful and he is the best one we can tell anyone to use him . Food and restaurant is good.


Service provided tour was excellent. Service provided by your office prior after the tour also excellent. Meal provided during tour is excellent. We definitely recommended to family, friends and others

The tour was well organized and tour manager AMAN was excellent. AMAN was very helpful and considerate. Only problem was that group was self-centered. We felt that we are outsider. It does not mean that everyone in the group were ill-mannered. We made couple of good friend also. In the restaurant, most of the tables were reserved by group and we had to go to last table or in other room. We understand that spouse can keep seat for other half, but not for whole group. For future trip, we would like to avoid this group.

Pankaj And Lata Choksey

The tour was excellent. The tour manager took good care for my father who is 85 years old.

The food was very nice and the only reason a senior person can travel because of the Indian meals provided.

The river cruise boats were not clean.

Set-up an e-mail/txt SMS broadcast to family members while on tour to update and that everyone is OK and the current location every 24 hours.

Arrange a "seniors 65+" only slow paced tour groups with a travelling tour doctor or nurse and a tour bell boy. There are many senior citizens of Indian Origin in US who do not risk to travel because of health concerns on foreign trips. I guess if you market it such then you may get more seniors to travel. Like my father there are many who are alone and would like to go on trips (7-10 days) once a year.


Hi Vandana and folks at AirTours
This mostly echo’s feedback you have already received from few of the others - I will now summarize Raksha and my views. We are giving constructive feedback so that future tours can benefit from our experience.

Overall - Excellent. Without hesitance, we would take other AirTour vacations and highly recommend you.

Chicago service -Vandana thanks for excellent support. Pre tour - timely response and communication of events was exceptional.

Tour Manager: NaozerNairman from Mumbai was very very good (he even spoke Gujarati) - Naozer managed us (yes,I mean ’us’) and all of tour events very well. We highly appreciate his attention to our group needs and would love to have him on our future tours.

Airport Service:  Excellent - all arrival and departures were on time and your team was there to receive and got us to the flights on time. And in every case helping us check-in and get our checked bags thru without problem. Having local tour guide at the airport is essential since most local’s don’t speak English.

City guided tours = excellent. Pick-up and return on time. Mostly, adequate time was given for viewing and photo taking. Almost every local tour guides were exceptional = knowledgeable, friendly and social (except for one in Xian (Summer) - your tour manager Naozer is aware of this). Tour buses were very good and drivers were excellent too. Bus in Shanghai smelled of cigarette smoke which was irritating. 

I would suggest you review the sequence of cities we toured since going to Xian, following a very hectic and considerable walking in Beijing made the Xian trip little challenging. Waking up at  4 am to take flight to Xian - and than visiting Terra Cotta museum, dinner and finally Tang Dynasty Show. Most people were fast asleep during the show and don’t think we justified the excellent show. May be the sequence could be Beijing, cruise, Xian, Shanghai.

Another recommendation - since pollution and smog is exceptionally  heavy in Beijing and Xian - I recommend that future clients may want to consider taking face masks - especially those with lung and heart problems. Most of us ended-up with sore throats and cough.

Hotels- first class and couldn’t be any better. 

One irritant and not very friendly front desk service person’s (Four Point hotel) behavior during currency exchange service was noted and reported to the hotel manager, who apologized to us and to your local tour guide, Vikkie. BTW - Vikkie was the best of the bunch - you should try to get her every time.
Meals:  Breakfasts were incredible - Raksha and our other ladies, who usually don’t take breakfast, thoroughly enjoyed every breakfast - even the “Desi” food on the cruise was very good. 

Most Indian dinners were very good - one exception was in Beijing, which we have pointed out to Naozer. We, Guju’s, thoroughlyenjoyed Kadhi& Khichdi at one restaurant - one of the very best - please put this restaurant on your MUST list. Also the last Indian dinner in Shanghai (Bukhara) was exceptional - another MUST list candidate. Being one of the only non-veg person in this group - all of the meals were very good - thank you.

Lunches - Mostly acceptable namely at Papa Johns, Subway, local Chinese. One exception in Beijing was the so called local pizza cafe - not good at all.  

A recommendation:During our Shanghai shopping event - consider handing out lunch vouchers so that each person can do shopping at their own way and get luck whenever they like. We were fortunate that Naozer found a restaurant in the shopping market with excellent food, service and seat down space - good job Naozer. I am sure this will be your normal stopping place for future clients.

Cruise meals - excellent idea to fly chef from Shanghai - it works well. We don’t know what he had in the kitchen in terms of equipment and supplies - we are sure he did his best but in some cases it was not acceptable - like kachi roti. I would advise you revisit you supplies list and take it to next level. Some suggestions - if your tour manager always comes from India - send with them simple supplies such as Khakra, papad, chola and/or chick-peas and even some mithai. For the cruise ship - since this is on your regular schedule and to have edge above your desi competitors - may want to consider suppling a portable tandoor. Also a few cans of mango ras - will go very well with puri.

Our friend HitenThakore - He provided exceptionally detailed information about various subjects - from Visa, baggage, language translation, climate, clothes etc. His sister, who also took the same tour just before us provided valuable information which Hiten summarized very well. All this information made us all very comfortable and prepared for the trip. And not to forget, he was our official/unofficial photographer. Air Tour may want to look at his email and consider updating your pre-tour information.
Hiten and Daksha - thank you very much.

Chandresh and Raksha Patel

I echo Dilip's opinion regarding our China tour experience with air tours. From the arrival on the very first day to the departure day, Air Tours provided great services and airport transfer throughout our travel. The Indian and American food selection was great. However, the food on the cruise could be improved a bit to suite Gujaratis but certainly it was not a big concern. The ample supply of water bottle was available throughout our travel. There was no need to take extra toilet tissue paper with us so you may want to advise your future clients not to take any extra tissue paper roll with them.
We took snacks but really did not eat much. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, there was no room for snacks and I would recommend that you should advise your future customers not to take too much snacks with them. All selected hotels were clean and at least four star types with very comfortable beds and other amenities.
We book air travel from US to China on our own but I would discourage anyone from travelling on Hinan air lines from the US main land to China. Pay a little more but stick to US air lines or travel business class.
Overall, the tour was very well planned and executed and every one enjoyed. I am sure you will get many repeat customers from our group.

Siddharth Munshi, P.E.

We wholeheartedly second the sentiments expressed below by Dilip and Varsha Shah. Thank you for a well planned and executed tour and all your assistance over the last few months. We will definitely keep Airtours in mind for our future travel needs.

Hiten & Daksha Thakore

I want to take a moment and express my appreciation for our recent china tour.
Tour was flawless. Everyone from Tour Manager to Various guides were truly professional and upbeat.
Of course this all started with you; so do want to say thank you for job well done

Dilip and Varsha Shah

We all had good time and I will give Air tour B+ overall. There is always room for improvement therefore otherwise it was excellent tour and I will recommend Air-tours to friends and family anytime. Overall great job Air-Tours team

Rakesh Shetty is absolutely the best tour manager I have ever traveled with. He took special care to make it easier to travel with my wheelchair bound Mom.

Mr Hemendra Jani

Tour Manager was outstanding very professional, attentive to details, Took personal interest for all passengers requirements.

Dr. Chandrasekaran

I think overall the tour management was great. Zubin Zelavia was very good and went out of his was to run the tour smoothly

Shailesh Amin

We are glad that we took the China tour through Air Tour Holidays. Everything was well planned and we enjoyed every moment of the tour. In future, we have decided to get all our travel requirements arranged from your company and will not hesitate to recommend even to our friends and relatives. Also, worth mentioning is our Tour Manager, Ms. Mayuri Prajapati, who did a splendid job of conducting the tour ensuring that the smallest of details were well taken care of. She even carried Indian masalas with her so that we get good Indian meals on the cruise, where Indian meals are normally not available. Hats off to Air Tours Holidays for their planning par excellence.

Mrs. & Mr. Nitinchandra Pandya, Mrs. & Mr. Kantilal Patel Mrs. & Mr. Bhasker Desai Mrs. & Mr. Navin Dave

Our China Trip was excellent! In fact we have decided to use your tour company for our any future overseas trips. Over all the itinerary, Indian restaurants food and most importantly tour coordinator was great! My partner Bar( Bharat) Mehta will contact you for his trip to Australia and New Zealand. Please assist him the best way you can. Thanks.

K D Patel, PA, USA

My family and I have been on a lot of group tours in the past, but none of them have been as enjoyable as the one that we took to Japan. Hong Kong, Macau and China with Air Tours Holidays. Well planned itinerary, excellent food, superior hotels and a complete value for money tour. Our tour managers, Mr. Zubin Elavia and Mr. Rakesh Shetty deserve a special mention. Their knowledge about the places we visited was excellent. With jewels like Mr. Shetty and Mr. Elavia, we are sure your company will never depreciate in the value. Hope to have all our future vacations with Air Tours Holidays.

Mrs. & Mr. Ishwarlal Patel, Mrs. & Mr. Bhulabhai Patel, Mrs. & Mr. Ramanbhai Patel, Mrs. & Mr. Hasmukhlal Patel,
Mrs. & Mr. Harshadrai Naik, Mrs. & Mr. Ishwarlal Desai, Mrs. & Mr. Vipin Shah, Mrs. & Mr. Harshad Shah,
Mrs. & Mr. Arun Asarawala, Mrs. & Mr. Kirit Talati

Thank you for arranging a nice tour. Everything was perfect. 21 months ago I toured Kerala, Air Tours arranged that tour. Both tours are good. I am very happy. I am your customer since 27 years.

Dr Ramchandra Vemulapalli & Family

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